6 Essential Things Patients Must Do After Being in Rehab

February 23, 2016

Being in a rehabilitation facility is a roller coaster ride of the experience. It is self-gratifying to finish the treatment and recover from the pain it caused. But after it, people are sometimes puzzled what will they do next. So here are the things people must know after being in rehab to keep a sober living arizona.

1. Find Sober Friends

It can be a great help finding friends that have won or still in the process of overcoming addiction. It is a great help sharing stories and using each other’s experiences to learn more to be sober. Many substance abusers that have undergone to rehabilitation programs have a circle of friends who are on drugs. It may be difficult for them not to be tempted of using drugs again. So keeping sober friends can be a great help to lessen temptations from drugs.

2. Stick with Your Schedule

Rehabilitation facilities give patients to schedule or a personal plan to continue their sobriety. This is a way for patients to cope up with their regular lives. It can also be a good distraction so patients will not think about drugs or alcohol because they are hooked in what they do. Sometimes the schedules are really specific in time even recreations or the patient’s free time. So it is advised that patients should stick with the routine for their betterment.

3. Focus on Your Mental Health

Patients should always prioritize their emotional and mental health. If some friends are always getting them down, cut toxic people that can trigger sadness and depression. Start with a few meditations every morning or create a daily short goal. Exercise is a great way also to feel rejuvenated and alive.

4. Help Someone Else

Helping others to recover from their addiction is the best way to give back to the world. All patients have been through hell because of alcohol or drug addiction and it is just right to guide them on the right track. It can also be a great help to patients that they have seen how far they’ve reached for this addiction to end. It is a good way to reflect their past life and see that they have become a better person.

5. Follow-up Appointments

Just as helping someone out, people that have gone to rehab should also maintain them after treatment. People should also stick with their scheduled appointments so that their rehabilitation counselors will see their development. Also, they will provide you up to date procedures for patients to continuously cope up after rehab.

6.  Be Alert of Sigs of Relapse

This is very important because patients also have bad days. Sometimes, when patients feel that they are still not enough or hits rock bottom, they have the tendency to again depend on drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, people do bad decisions as a sign of relapse. People should always be cautious about it and learn how to voice it out. Hiding it can cause to suppression and eventually being back to the old habit. Understanding the right action and attitude towards relapses is the best way to prevent it.

6 Facts that Stops Addicts to Getting Treated and Lead a Sober Life

January 30, 2016

    Sober Living Arizona is a treatment facility that provides treatment to those who have a problem with substance abuse. The facility knew that feeling of devastation by the family members when they found out that one of their loved ones is suffering from substance addiction. Most commonly, sober living Arizona has those people who are either not yet ready to be treated or in denial that they have the drinking or drug problems. Here are some of the reasons why there are some people who think that they do not need any treatments at all:

•    Denial – this is the most common and the initial reaction of the person who has substances addiction. The addict usually refuses to accept the fact that he or she has a problem with drugs, alcohol or both of the substances. Most of the cases that sober living Arizona handles are the ones who are vehement to deny the existence of the addiction despite the many pieces of evidence.

•    Control- most male addicts are the ones who are difficult to accept the truth of the need for treatment.  Addicts need to be in control of their life and their destiny. This is what the drugs or alcohol provides to the addicts. More than often, addicts that have control issues are the one who getting treatment is so far from their list.

•    Fear – it needs a lot of determination, courage and motivation for someone to accept the truth that they need treatment. Many addicts are stopped to get treatments due to their fear. Whether it is due to their ignorance, past experience or they have perceived dangers in the process of getting better.

•    Being cut off from their supplier – in sober living Arizona, addicts that are admitted in the facility are cut off to the outside world. As the focus of the treatment is to minimize and prevent you from using again. This is what many addicts are more concerned off.

•    Cannot give up being high – for many addicts, the main reason why they prefer not to get treated is due to the feeling of elation that the substance provides them. Getting high and forgetting the problem for awhile is the main reason why they preferred to stay addicted.

•    Treatment does not help – some addicts have already accepted to their self that they are beyond help. There are some factors that they choose to remain addicts and that there will be no difference whether they lived soberly or not.

The Social Effects of Substance Addiction

January 11, 2016

We are all aware of the physiological and psychological of alcohol abuse and drug dependence, but what some people do not realize is its social impact. Addiction of any form destroys one’s life and that is an inevitable fact. Drugs are toxic to humans especially when it is taken regularly and in huge volumes and its abuse causes deleterious effects not only to the addicted individual but as well as the wider society.

Here are some of the specific impacts of substance addiction:

•    It could hurt your own family

Most people get addicted to certain substances because it somehow makes them more confident about themselves and because it provides them temporary relief from all the stresses around them. However, these people do not realize that their addiction to either alcohol or drugs can alter their whole personality and this can be manifested by incoherent judgment and illogical reasoning. It has been revealed in a number of studies and research that abuse of these substances is the primary cause of domestic violence that most often leads to relationship and family breakdown. The children are the most affected in these types of situation and most commonly children of addicted parents often fail in their performance in school.

•    It could affect education

If the addicted person is a teen or a young adult who is still attending school, it could definitely have a great impact in their schooling and, of course, their relationship with peers and classmates. Truanting from school is one of the most common effects of substance abuse. A matter of fact that we have to accept is that, at this formative stage, these young people will really find it difficult to resist temptation. Everything would start from a single small puff of marijuana for example then would lead right down to habitual cannabis smoking and ultimately ending up being addicted to its use. If the addiction problem becomes uncontrollable, then most of these youngsters end up being expelled from school.

•    It could lead to termination from employment  

If an adult becomes addicted to certain substances, it is not only him that is affected because of the addiction problem but his colleagues as well. When under the influence of these addictive substances, a person may turn from an efficient, competent and punctual person into a person who would most often be late for work and who would often neglect his job. To some extent alcohol and drug abusers may become unhygienic and would most often display unacceptable and erratic behavioral changes.

Realizing some of these social effects, people would still have the chance to help their loved ones who are addicted sober up by submitting them for treatment in rehabilitation centers to attain Mesa AZ sober living and have the chance to get back to their previous selves and be a part of the society again.

Levels of Support on Sober Living Homes to Look for

December 8, 2015

In choosing a sober living home for you or for your loved one to ensure total sobriety, there are things that should be highly considered. Given the fact that there are lots of Mesa Az sober living homes today, you should still be cautious with the community you are going to socialize with. Keep in mind that there are specific benefits that make the stay in recovery residences truly worth it, which is something you should look for when choosing a sober living home on the internet. And for you to be able to know what level of support that will match your sober living needs here are the levels of support on sober living homes to look for.

LEVEL 1: Recovery residences that are tagged as support level 1 are those so-called peer-run homes. This kind of residence provides that least support in all four levels. However, such residences provide drug screening as well as house meetings. Such sober living home encourages the residents to attend the self-help meetings regularly to monitor the progress in the patient. And these peer-run homes are usually single-family homes where there’s an overseeing officer while the staff members of the residence were not paid.

LEVEL 2: Recovery residences that are considered as the support level 2 are called monitored homes. This is primarily governed by a house manager or a senior resident who assist all the residents in following the house rules and regulations. Included in monitored homes are drug screening, peer-run groups, house meetings, and house regulations. The residents of monitored homes are asked to take part regularly on their self-help meetings as well as on their treatment services. It has a one-paid staff member and is often a single-family home others are apartments.

LEVEL 3: Such sober living homes that are coined as support level 3 are those that are supervised and licensed. It offers an organizational hierarchy where administrative oversight, house rules and procedures are included. The focus of such sober living homes is to give great emphasis on the development of positive life skills of the residents. They encourage the residents to grab the opportunity of having clinical services in the community, including the in-house service hours. These are typically governed by a facility manager and a number of certified case managers and substance abuse treatment professionals that will help the resident be sober.

LEVEL 4: Sober living homes that are referred as support level 4 are considered an intensive recovery residence. Such homes are licensed and offer administrative and clinical supervision to those who are interested in entering the community.  The professional staff provides clinical services as well life skill development to the residents. They offer a step-down phase to the patients so that they have choices if they want to move to a more structured sober living before they move out of the community.

The Three Benefits of Sober Living that Will Change your Life

November 6, 2015

The alcoholic beverage has been a mainstay performer in our daily lives. Most often, you’ll drink alcoholic beverage to celebrate a big event, forget a tremendous life problem, or have a drink just to kill time. No matter what the reason may be, excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages can lead to addiction. In addition, the high or euphoria that you’ll get from drinking alcoholic beverages might not suffice your mind and body’s need. According to the studies, each individual has a certain level of alcohol intake. If you go beyond your personal capacity, you might end up developing alcohol addiction. On the other hand, if you want to suppress and avoid being addicted, living a sober life provides various benefits for your overall well- being.

  • Mental clarity

Drinking alcoholic beverage affects the brain and mental health. That’s a fact! Drinking, no matter what is your alcohol capacity, affects the mind by altering the brain chemistry. It increases stress and anxiety as well. What makes drinking alcohol even worse is that it is linked to suicide, psychosis and self- harm. Therefore, if you chose to live a sober life, your mind will be from stress and anxiety. You can think clearly and act accordingly. Staying sober can help you in making decisions that are just and timely. Aside from that, if you are a student, avoiding alcoholic beverages when an examination is approaching can help you retain what you’ve learned. Thus, if you drink the night before the test, your neurons slowly die and weaken. As a result, it will be harder for you think and recall previous lessons.

  • Financial stability

The price of a bottle of alcoholic beverage may differ. But, if you sum up all your expenses, that would be a good amount of money. It could already pay your apartment dues and other debts. Being an alcoholic is an expensive vice that affects different aspects of your life.

  • Health improvement

Drinking alcoholic beverages provides a mixed signal. If you will drink alcoholic beverage in moderation, it can help in lowering the risk of experiencing heart diseases. However, if you will drink excessively, you are a step closer to experience health problems. The substances found in a bottle of alcoholic beverages have been proven to cause danger and harm to the liver. Ethyl alcohol is one of the most active ingredients found in the alcoholic beverage that you enjoy. If you want to fight the urge of drinking alcohol, Mesa AZ sober living can help and assist you. 

Why Is Everyone Talking About Mesa AZ Sober Living?

October 10, 2015

The use and abuse of drugs and alcohol have been dramatically increasing over the past few years. Each and every country, with the help of the local government and private groups and corporations, are developing different ways to address the growing number of drugs and alcohol addicted patients. One of the most effective ways that are now available is the sober living homes and facilities.

Usually, a sober living home is a private property that is built to treat the patients who are drug or alcohol addicted and dependent. In Mesa, AZ sober living, they offer several treatments and programs. The process will start when you or your loved one chose to reside in the facility. It will start with the assessment of your intake and behavior. After that, a specific and personalized treatment plan will be offered. In the Mesa, AZ sober living, the physicians make sure that you will get the treatment that is most suitable for you or for your loved ones. The doctors and physicians also believe that “one size fits all”. Thus, they ensure that you will get the treatment and services that are appropriate for your needs and conditions.

The Mesa, AZ sober living is strategically located in a peaceful and calm neighborhood. Their location is suitable for alcohol and drug patients who will need a tranquil and serene place to unwind. The doctors or physicians and all the staffs in Mesa, AZ sober living are well- trained professionals who will address to all your needs. They are trained to help you or your loved one to practice and live a sober life all throughout your personal journey. Moreover, the treatment and programs in Mesa, AZ sober living are crafted with delicate care and compassion. They make sure that you or your loved ones will get the most out of your stay in the sober living recovery center.

The Mesa, AZ sober living is passionate in helping all the patients. They believe that recovery and hope can provide a long lasting aid and help to decrease the number of alcohol and drug addicted patients in the United States of America, particularly in the state of Arizona. All of the patients that underwent the treatment and services in Mesa, AZ sober living are happily satisfied that they particularly chose the recovery center. Now, most of them are living their life and enjoying it. The previous patients are living their life at its greatest heights and they are enjoying the benefits of living a sober lifestyle. 

The 5 Advantages of Staying Sober

September 7, 2015

The majority of people aim to live their life to its fullest. You might think that you practice it by going out to attend parties, bar hopping, drinking, smoking cigarettes and weeds, eating unhealthy foods, and keeping a happy- go- lucky kind of lifestyle.  It might seem like a great idea, but it actually ruin your health and your life in general.

1.    Sober people are healthier

Cigarettes and alcoholic beverages contain harmful substances and chemicals that are dangerous to your health. In addition, it might cause long- term health issue that you will suffer for the rest of your life. On the other hand, the people who are living a sober life are way healthier. Moreover, their immune systems are stronger.

2.    Sober people are happier

Scientific studies have proven that the people who developed and live a healthy life are happier. Living a life without unnecessary activities like smoking or injecting prohibited drugs causes stress and constant worry. It will end up making you feel worthless and miserable. But if you want to be happy, ask mesa az sober living and the will help you out.

3.    Sober people are smarter

There is an average of 100 billion cells in the brain. These cells are responsible in sending and receiving electro- chemical signals to and from the brain. In addition, the brain cells are sensitive and prone to damage. Some of the common causes of having a damaged brain cells are drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes or weeds, injecting and taking prohibited drugs. These damages will cause poor memory and comprehension. On the other hand, the sober people were able to keep these brain cells healthy and in a good working condition. Because of this, they are more academically active and smart. They possess intelligence in their work or study.

4.    Sober people are positive

Have you seen someone who lives in a sober way? If you do, try to notice how he radiates positivity throughout his surroundings. See how they deal with the events in their lives. As you notice, they embark positive vibes to the people around them.

5.    Sober people get to enjoy life to its fullest

The sober people are healthier, happier, and smarter. Thus, it makes them enjoy their life’s full potential. They get to enjoy more and do more of what makes them happy. Sober people are more likely to live longer and it will give them more time to enjoy their life. 

Effective Ways to Prevent Addiction

August 3, 2015

A study conducted in Malaysia revealed that out of 26, 841 drug addicts, 55 % tried drugs because their friends introduced it. The survey was conducted between the year 2007 and 2008. This shows that peer pressure can really affect an individual’s decision- making process. For teens and young adults, it is very important to avoid the temptation caused by peer pressure. Before joining in a clique, determine whether they can be positive role models. Do not join in a group who has a bad reputation or known for being involved in illicit activities.

Start a healthy habit by choosing the right food groups that will develop your body and immune system. Having a healthy habit is an indication of being responsible with one’s own self. It is important to take good care of the foods we intake especially when it comes to drinks that are associated with illegal chemical substances. These legally approved drinks and food items might include a substance that is dangerous for our health.

One of the most beneficial habits is exercise. It has been known to help in toning muscles resulting to a physically strong body. Because of technological advancements, majority are finding exercise as a burden rather than a blessing in disguise. But, do not let laziness get the best out of you. Take a little break from the online game you love to play and start stretching your body. Some of the benefits of exercise are an improved complexion, better mood, stronger bones, and lower heart rate.

Seminars, events, and counseling are helpful when it comes to providing information about addiction and its negative effects. It is conducted by speakers who are professionals in the field of health and medicine. Take note all the necessary information that you will need in order to prevent addiction.

No matter what is your problem, keep in mind that it is always better to think, act, and be positive. Nothing beats a positive attitude.Don’t resort in using alcohol and drugs to hide your problems. Instead, go out and face it one step at a time. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance from your parents and guardians. Furthermore, find a healthy way to cope with the stress brought by problems. Seek a professional counselor if necessary. In Soba Mesa AZ sober living, they provide individual counseling to help and guide you with the treatment that you need. 

Innovative Addiction Treatment Model: A Promising Approach in Fighting Severe Substance Abuse

July 8, 2015

Recently, a company in Madison proudly announced the innovative addiction treatment model they have been testing with an approach to severe substance abuse as if treating a chronic disease. A team approach that was led by an addiction psychiatrist was used to identify the effectiveness of the treatment model to the five patients. The approach is more on close monitoring where the addicts are met at home by trained recovery advisers as well as by recovered addicts for counseling while those that need detoxification were sent to the facilities before they undergo the home approach of addiction treatment model.

In terms of medication which is needed in addressing the withdrawal symptoms, anti-addiction medications were provided while patients that use breathalyzers are monitored and a GPS tracking device is used to ensure that they stay on the course. Based on the study that has ended in 2013, 4 out of 5 patients were able to abstain the habit of using drugs and alcohol for seven months and have undergone aftercare programs as a conjunction to the treatment model approach. These aftercare programs are more on peer counseling and group counseling which supports the patients and keep motivated on getting cleaned.

The effectiveness of the treatment program is due to intense monitoring, drug and alcohol screening as well as peer counseling which have greatly helped the patients to recover immediately and prevent relapse. According to experts, combining the home care approach with any treatment that facilities like Soba Mesa Arizona offers makes the recovery of a person from severe substance abuse speed up especially if there will be an aftercare in conjunction.

Today, instead of sending patients to inpatient and residential treatment programs, interested addicts who want to recover can now opt for outpatient programs that involve home care approach. This home approach recognizes addiction as a chronic disease that will persist for a long time if will not be given attention with  monthlong detoxification programs. And since detoxification alone cannot prevent the psychological, behavioral and social problems that addiction can bring, it is just right that is followed by short-term residential treatment programs that will run in between three to six weeks and is followed by regular meetings with the Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous programs that will prevent addicts to relapse and achieve total abstinence and sobriety.

The three to six weeks treatment includes counseling, detoxification, pharmacological interventions as well as a regular assessment on the progress of the patient.  

Things You Need To Learn for Your Continuous Recovery

June 6, 2015

    Being an addict, it takes your will to recover, your will to be free and your will to be yourself again. It affects your life, loved ones and friends in a manner that you do not think possible. Making up your mind to finally free yourself from the distracting influence of your addiction is a big step that requires strength and conviction that you will finally unhook yourself from the possible destruction. It is a normal feel to be afraid of the future especially if you have been dependent for a long time, the fear of the future without drugs and the fear of the unknown after recovery.

    With mesa AZ sober living, all your fears are baseless. Recovering alone is no longer an option and facing the difficulty of recuperation will be helped and supported by their support group that are always ready to guide and help you anytime you need. You will be given the chance to meet people that understand your suffering and to what you are going through, they will be your support n your road to recovery as every step, struggles and frustration are tackled by their help. They will also teach you the importance of coping with the problems without resulting to use addicted substances again. After recovery, it does not stop there and life goes on. You still need to;

•    Relearn how to live and stop yourself to start using drugs again.

•    To work on the effects of your drug abuse on your family, friends and yourself. Remember that everything you have and all your love has been affected, and working on it is important as you are starting all over again in your life. The support and love of your family and friends are the most important source of strength almost all recovering addict is needed.

•    Stay away from the source of your drug addiction. If it is your friends that introduced the drugs to you, it is better off that you stop communicating with them. Avoid the places that you frequent when you are an addict and decide on what you need to do to keep yourself busy.

•    Face your problem; make the reason of why you used drugs your guide as to prevent yourself from using again. Make it your learning experience.

•    If you used the drug because of depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues. It is best to seek help and treatment to solve this problem. It is best to erase all the reasons of your addiction to prevent yourself of the possibility of using again.

Keeping yourself away from the triggers that will make you want or crave to use again is better after recovery, this will ensure your continuous recuperation and taking back your life.

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